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Posted by on Tuesday October 4, 2016 at 17:54:34:

Although I've bought things on a couple of English speaking China based websites from Nigeria, I've never purchased from Banggood.com which is equally a good shopping website from China that ships internationally. Last time I bought stuff from China, it was from Aliexpress but now, I'm hooked to Banggood.

Banggood.com is a nice shopping website that allows buyers from all over the world including Nigeria to buy things from China based sellers. They sell quite a lot of stuff such as electronics, toys, bags, clothing, cosmetics, car gadgets and so on. It's an alternative to China based shopping sites like Aliexpress.com and DHGate.com

Payment options for Nigerians: Visa, Mastercard and Paypal

Delivery options: EMS or Air Parcel.

I recently bought stuff on Banggood.com and it was an easy experience. After placing my order, my card was debited and later on, I got an alert that my order has been shipped and will be arriving in Nigeria through postal mail - similar to the way Aliexpress delivers to Nigeria.

After I visited the website, I was fascinated by the amount of things I found listed - They seemed to have everything I was looking for. I just added the items I wanted to buy to my shopping cart and chose to checkout when I was through. Note that before choosing to buy anything from Banggood, it's always good to know the purchase price as well as the delivery cost to Nigeria. They have a way f tracking user's location using their IP address and so you'd be able to know how much it will cost you in total to receive your item in Nigeria. So, apart from the purchase cost, there is also an additional cost known as shipping or delivery cost. The shipping cost was quite cheap for me since I chose the slowest option which was by Air Parcel register - It will be delivered to our local postal service i.e. NIPOST. If you wanted a faster delivery service, then be ready to pay more for it and they make use of Express Mail service(EMS).

Express mail service takes at most 5 days while Air Parcel delivery takes at most 25 days and so you are free to choose for most things you buy on Banggood.

One checking out, I noticed that I could either checkout with Paypal or my Naira card(Visa or MasterCard) and I chose to use my Naira debit card. The order was accepted and successful. I checked a few days later and noticed that my package has been sent by the seller and it also included the tracking number I could use to trace it till it arrives Nigeria's postal service. The tracking detail was made of alphanumeric characters beginning with RS and ending NL with a long set of numbers between them. I would be able to use those details to track them on Chinese and Nigeria's postal mail service.

I'm still expecting to receive my order from Banggood and since it's not yet up to 25 days yet, I do have the confidence that I will receive it soon else I could raise a dispute in order to get a refund from them if the seller tries to defraud me.

The order I made was in my order history inside my account and there are couple of things I could do while I wait to receive it such as knowing when it was sent, it's current location, write a review, requesting a refund and confirming when I've received it.

Do your shopping on Banggood

Re: How I bought things on Banggood from Nigeria Reply by NaijaStore.Net on Saturday July 1, 2017 at 10:11:35:

Great! Thanks for sharing..

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