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Posted by on Thursday December 24, 2015 at 15:37:49:

If you are still buying things online from Konga and not yet using Konga Pay as your means of making payment, then you are practically losing 5% of your money which you could have saved if you used Konga Pay. For a limited time I think, Konga is offering a 5% discount on payments made on their platform using Konga Pay and I have to say that it's better than paying with cash or your card.

There are lots of things sold on Konga and the best way to save money while buying from them is to simply use Konga Pay but to start doing so, you need to first get registered for it.

How to register
1 . Go to the registration page here and fill the online form. You may also just choose to buy something from Konga and select Konga Pay on checkout.

2. Choose your bank name

3. Enter your account name as registered with bank(Very important as it won't work if they don't match)

3. Enter bank account number

4. Enter your bank verification number and click on continue

5. Enter your phone number and date of birth

6. Enter a 4 digit pin

7. Click on continue

8. Confirm your banking details by clicking continue (You may receive an error saying "One or more of your banking details are incorrect. Please edit your details". Cross check your name, account number and phone number to ensure that it matches).

I ran into the error at this stage because I initially used a bank account that had my 3 Names registered with them and Konga's form only accepted 2 names. I think that is a bug or error on the Konga Pay sign up form. Nigerians are known to have up to 2 or 3 names and use about 2 of them with their banks. I think the guys that designed the signup form should make accommodation for that because mine only worked after I used a different bank account that was only registered with 2 names.

9. If successful, you'd get a reply page saying "You're almost there" and an OTP will be sent to your phone via sms

10. Enter the OTP code and click the complete signup button to complete your registration for Konga Pay. If you didn't get it, you can always resent it by clicking on the Resend Verification Code link.

That's about what it takes to register for Konga Pay and if you were doing a transaction on Konga prior to signing up for Konga pay, you'd be taken back to complete your order after the initial sign up and you'd use the pin you used in signing up as well as the OTP or token already sent to your phone from your bank as long as it has not yet expired.

Get registered for Konga Pay

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