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For Nigerians who love to watch specific videos and TV shows based on their request, Netflix is making this possible as they've recently expanded to more countries globally and that list now includes Nigeria.

Already, many Nigerians are already used to paying for TV and services as they spend money monthly on Pay TV providers like DSTV and Startimes while also patronizing a vibrant local Movie industry nicknamed Nollywood. Nigerians are already used to paying for TV content and now, they have a bigger reason to smile as Netflix is bringing more of Hollywood to the country.

Some Nigerians are already tired of subscribing for Pay TV and getting bundled with channels and TV shows they'd rather not watch but with Netflix, they can choose to simply watch only the ones they want as long as they have internet service.

Netflix is now in Nigeria as they've officially opened their platforms to Nigerian residents. In the past, it was mostly restricted to developed countries like the USA and Canada but now, you can watch it even if you are in Nigeria. You no longer need to have a US IP address to stream videos from Netflix if you are in Nigeria as you can watch them now using a Nigerian IP address.

Netflix has spread it's borders to several other countries of the world including Nigeria probably as part of a New Year promo and they're offering a free membership plan for first timers.

As part of its official launch in Nigeria, Netflix is offering a free month of membership to Nigerians who subscribe for the first time and afterwards, plans will renew automatically to at least $7.99(about N1600 officially) a month.

Netflix's membership plan in Nigerian consists of 3 plans which are the Basic, Standard and Premium membership plans. The monthly fees are 7.99, 9.99 and 11.99 respectively for the 3 plans. The Basic plan doesn't give one access to HD content and limits users to just a screen at a time while the Premium membership allows you to stream videos on up to 4 screens at a time such as your computer, phone, tablet and other devices.

How much does it really cost to watch Netflix videos in Nigeria? As already mentioned, one of the associated cost of using Netflix in Nigeria is the monthly fee which is really cheap at about $11.99(about N2400 officially) making it look cheaper than existing Pay TV plans in Nigeria but where the additional cost comes from is the cost of internet data.

A 1 hr HD movie can use up to 2 to 3GB of data and in Nigeria that amounts to about N3000 on the moderate side. A person who watches 10 HD movies a month could see himself spending over N30,000 per month and that's much higher than Premium Pay TV services but the good thing about Netflix is that it gives you access to more videos and movies you'd hardly see on Pay TV platforms currently in Nigeria.

For the mean time and till the 13th of February 2016, you can watch unlimited videos from Netflix in Nigeria for free except for the cost of internet data you'll use which is beyond the control of Netflix.

How does one pay for NetFlix in Nigeria? Well, you can't pay with cash but you can pay with your credit or debit card as long as it's powered by Visa or Mastercard. You can also make payments with your Paypal Nigeria account.

Netflix allows you to cancel your online subscription anytime as well as be able to upgrade or downgrade your membership plan at anytime. Just do that before your next billing date.

What platforms can you use to watch or stream videos from Netflix? You can do that with quite a lot of devices such as Smart TVs, Game consoles, Streaming media players, Set-top boxes, Blu-Ray players, smartphones, tablets and Personal computers and laptops.

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