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Posted by on Monday January 18, 2016 at 13:6:28:

A friend of mine had asked me earlier how to hack phone numbers so that one could know the name of a stranger calling even if the person's number was not on your phone book. I told him that it was not really possible unless you have access to bank records or his registered details at their GSM network provider. Well, it seems there is another way and this is through accessing details of the person listed on Social media platforms and there is an app that can do that for you. It's called TruCaller but it's not really hacking.

I have an Android app that I enjoy using on my phone and it's called TruCaller because it's let you know the true name of the person calling you even if the person's number is not listed in your phone book. It's not 100% accurate as people may use a different name on social media than their real name but it's fairly accurate and gives you more info if you didn't have that person's number listed on your phone book.

I think they get their details from social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.

All you need to do is first install Trucaller on your phone and keep it running. When a person calls you and the number of not listed on your phone, you'd be able to get more details about the person if they have a social media presence on sites like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram and others.

So, if you normally receive calls from people when you don't have them on your phone book, Trucaller lets' you know who is calling. Apart from helping you to get the caller id, it also allows you to block calls from specified numbers.

Where to get Trucaller? You can get it from Google Play and Amazon's appstore.

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