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Posted by on Monday February 1, 2016 at 11:8:33:

I do buy things from Amazon and since my Payoneer Mastercard had some funds in them, I decided to try it out on Amazon since it's a Mastercard which is a commonly accepted means of payment on that website.

The thing I chose to buy on Amazon with my Payoneer Mastercard was a gift card balance reload since it would be charged instantly and I wanted to know if it would immediately be accepted. Payoneer also keeps a good record of your transaction with the card. I didn't want to withdraw it to my local currency(Nigerian Naira) since I would be given much less value for it.

So, I selected gift cards on Amazon and chose to reload my balance. The next step I was taken was to choose a card and I chose to add a new card since I've never used my Payoneer Mastercard on Amazon before even though I'm getting almost addicted to the shopping website.

I entered the name and card number as shown on my Payoneer Mastercard and other card details such as expiration date and the 3 digit CVV code at the back and submitted it.

My card was accepted by Amazon. I'll update you guys on other details shortly. Stay tuned...

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