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Posted by on Friday February 12, 2016 at 13:24:31:

Netflix is a great place to watch videos and TV shows and for my first month in Nigeria, Netflix offered me a free membership. It's February already and my free membership was expiring and I didn't want to renew it yet until I solve some issues with my Internet service.

How to do it
It's simple, Just log into your Netflix account and

1. Go to your account
2. Under Membership and billing, Click on Cancel Membership
3. Submit the Finish cancellation button

If successful, your membership will be cancelled but you can keep watching Videos until your subscription period expires.

I've actually tried watching a few videos on Netflix but I didn't want to start paying yet not because of the cost of membership but the cost of internet data services which is about N1000 per GB and you need at least 3GB to watch a 3hr Standard Definition video.

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