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Posted by on Friday February 19, 2016 at 15:51:4:

I just received my new Payoneer MasterCard and I'm excited about it.

Remember that I once mentioned that my first Payoneer Mastercard was about to expire and that I also requested for a new card from within my account? Well, my second Payoneer MAstercard has arrived as I got it at my door step in Lagos through the hands of a NIPOST delivery staff.

I got my Payoneer Mastercard quite early because although I was told to wait for up to 4 weeks to get it, I'm getting it today and that's like less than 3 weeks since I applied on February 1, 2016.

After I received my Card, one of the first things I did was to log into my Payoneer account and checked my account balance. I also checked for the status of my New card and by their estimated, I was to receive it much later rather than this early. I was to receive my card as from February 29th to March 7 but I got it on February 19th through regular postal mail. The postman brought it to my home and I didn't have to go to their office to collect it as they do for my Aliexpress parcels.

I looked at the address on the envelope I received and noted that it came from Payoneer with a New York office and my address was well printed also in Nigeria. It was marked as an international priority airmail with US postage paid from Chicago, IL.

I opened the envelope and brought out the letter which also had a new shiny Payoneer Mastercard attached to it just like it looks when we collect a debit Mastercard from out local bank.

They wrote a note saying, We are pleased to present your new Payoneer Prepaid MasterCard card! They also noted that before it can be used, it needs to be activated and loaded with funds and I guessed that won't be a problem since I've had some existing funds in my Payoneer account. They were also contact email addresses and phone numbers which I can email or call if I should run into problems.

The next step I took was to activate the card and this I did by logging into my account and selecting the new card number. I noted that the new card has a zero balance and there was a link to activate it.

I clicked on the card activation link and was taken to another page where I would enter required details which included: Card number, my new 4 digit PIN and re-entered the 4 digit PIN. I checked the other boxes and clicked on the Activate button. You should use a 4 digit PIN you can remember and for that, I used the same PIN I normally use for my Naira debit MasterCard.

I was informed that: "Activating your new card ending in **** will close the card ending in ****.
This will cause all services, payments and funds associated with the old card to be transferred to the new one.
Please allow 2 hours for the transfer to complete".

After I submitted the Activate button, I got a confirmation feedback that it was submitted and the following reply:

"Your card has been successfully activated.
Please note: if this card is replacing an older one, your available balance and funding sources will be transferred from the old card to the new one within two hours of activation.
Also, as this is a prepaid card, please make sure that you have funds available on the card before using it"

I'm going to wait for it to be activated and funded because I want to try using it on Amazon to buy gift cards.

Re: Just received my second Payoneer Mastercard Posted by Felix Okoli on Friday February 19, 2016 at 16:34:39:

My new card has been activated and it took less than 20 minutes. I just received an email that my card has been activated and I logged into my Payoneer account to confirm it. I noted that the remaining bunds in my old card was transferred to the new card and I tried to to use it on Amazon.com

My Payoneer Mastercard has a 3 year expiry date and it was made of high quality material with the prints looking solid unlike the low quality ATM cards we get from Nigerian banks.

I successfully used it on Amazon to buy a gift card reload and my Amazon account was credited with the funds.

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