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Posted by on Saturday February 20, 2016 at 21:20:3:

After I got my second Payoneer MasterCard, I didn't really want to withdraw cash from it from a local ATM but rather use it to do something I've not doing with it yet and that is to make payments at Amazon.com.

Amazon is one of my preferred shopping website because they sell a variety of high quality products and I've bought a lot of things from them using my Nigerian bank issued cards but I also wanted to try using a Payoneer Mastercard to see if it would be accepted.

After I had received my new card and activated it, I proceed to Amazon.com to buy a gift card reload worth $10 and after purchasing it, it was successful and I got an email feedback from Amazon that the funds have been loaded to my gift card balance. I also checked my Payoneer Mastercard online account and confirmed the deduction to my account and noticed that I was charged the $10 and an additional $0.0 probably as a transaction fee. I tried another transaction on Amazon for $20 and confirmed that there was a 1% transaction fee by Payoneer when you use your MasterCard to make online payments. That was because I was charged $0.20 for the $20 gift card reload I purchased.

I added my Payoneer MasterCard to Amazon after I've selected what I wanted to buy and proceeded to checkout. There was a provision to select a card or add a new card and I added my Payoneer MasterCard by providing the card number and expiry date. I also selected the card currency as the US dollar while also providing the billing address as the same address in Nigeria which I gave to Payoneer when applying for my account. With Amazon, you only need to add your card details once and you'd be able to make payments easily afterwards.

So, apart from being able to use your Payoneer MasterCard to make withdrawals on local ATMs, you can also use it to make online payments and you'd be charged an extra 1% as the transaction fee for every transaction you make with your card.

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