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Posted by on Tuesday February 23, 2016 at 12:39:38:

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Many people in Nigeria make use of electronic air conditioners to cool their homes and offices during the hot season because it can be hard staying indoors during that dry season when there is less rain and more sun. Life becomes easier when a Nigerian has a place to run to just to cool down his system after being exposed to high temperatures. Air conditioners are great and quite effective in cooling a room in Nigeria during the dry season but not many know about air coolers and how the really work.

In Nigeria, people do a lot of things to stay cool during the hot season such as drinking cold water, taking a cold shower, entering an air conditioned bank, shopping mall or car while others just make use of their own window or split air conditioning system. May others make use of electric fans which can be standing, ceiling or wall fan. How about using an evaporative air cooler?

There are a growing number of evaporative air coolers in the Nigerian market and only few Nigerians are aware of it or know that it can actually replace their air conditioners while also giving them fresher air.

I was at a supermarket in Lagos, Nigeria recently and didn't really life the how stuffy and smelly the air was even though they were using an air conditioner and that's one problem I have with air conditioners and stuffy places. Air conditioners are not that effective in removing odd smells from the air because they are mostly used in a closed environment but an evaporative air cooler can be used in an open environment and so delivers fresher air than an air conditioner.

What really is an evaporative cooler? It's basically an electronic device that works with a fan and water to cool a location it's placed in by simply reducing the temperature of air through evaporation. As you might already know, evaporation is a process whereby a liquid gets converted into a gas such as it occurs in nature and it normally has a cooling effect.

An evaporative air cooler provides a much cleaner air than air conditioners and a much cooler air than electric fans. It's called evaporative because it cools the environment by the evaporative power of water and it provides cleaner air because it allows for circulation of air in an open environment.

One of the benefits of an evaporative air cooler is that it delivers fresher air than air conditioners because it is designed to work in an open environment and so removes bad air while bringing in fresh air. It works in a similar environment that electric fans work and so you can open your doors and windows while using them.

Another advantage of an air cooler over a traditional air conditioner is that it requires a lesser power input than an air conditioner. Some evaporative coolers can work with just 100 Watts while air conditioners requires about 2 or 3 times that amount of power.

A third benefit of evaporative air coolers is that it's more portable. It can be moved from one place to another easily as it doesn't requires to be installed at a fixed point unlike most air conditioners. You can use it indoors and outdoors as you can move it from place to place.

A 4th advantage of air cooler over an air conditioner is that the former uses water as it's refrigerant which is a greener and more readily available substance while the latter uses air polluting refrigerants which may not be readily available everywhere.

The job of an evaporative air conditioner is to simply cool your environment by making use of electricity to rotate fan blades while also removing heat from the air using cool water from a reservoir tank. It's like an electric fan but also has a cooling reservoir which helps to make the air more cooler.

With evaporative cooling devices like an air cooler, many Nigerians no longer have to spend as much energy as they currently do using older cooling methods like traditional air conditioners most especially now that electricity prices are rising.

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Re: Why Nigerians should make use of Evaporative air coolers Reply by Jayesh on Friday August 4, 2017 at 14:52:17:

Nigeria is very hot during summer the evaporative cooler is eco friendly solution

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