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Posted by on Tuesday December 8, 2015 at 12:1:43:

Want to buy airtime for your phone and have an existing GTBank account? Well, you can do this more easily now by simply dialing *737*Amount#. If you want to buy airtime recharge worth N1000 from your GTBank account, just dial *737*1000# and your SIM will be credited with airtime value of N1000 within a few minutes.

In the past, many Nigerians used to scratch recharge cards and dial a long set of numbers just to topup their GSM airtime balance but nowadays, GTBank is making life easier for them by simply allowing them to dial *737*Amount#. It is so easy and you don't need to do any registrations as a first time user as long as you have an existing bank account liked to that phone number.

GTBank Nigeria has a lot of registered customers in Nigeria and most of them have provided their phone numbers as part of their registration phone. They might have already been receiving sms alerts on their phone but now they can also request for airtime recharge just by dialing the dedicated airtime recharge code.

How does GTBank's airtime recharge service really work? Well first of all it only accepts requests from the phone number of the bank customer in their records, there should be a network connection available and the customer also needs to have sufficient money in his bank account before dialing the USSD code.

Once the code is dialed, the requesting customer would receive a message on his phone that a successful request for airtime recharge has been made and then airtime credit would be loaded after a few moment using a Virtual top-up(VTU) platform.

Do you need to have any airtime credit on your phone to make this request? I think you need about N5 to make the request since USSD requests are not free except where explicitly stated.

Can I Send airtime to my friends and family? I think yes and the recognized format is *737*amount*friendsnumber# and your bank account balance will be deducted.

Why can I not load up to N10,000 airtime recharge with this method? I think it's for security and reasonable reasons. Do you normally load more than 3000 daily on your mobile phone? Well, for this service there is a limit of N5000 per day on it. If your phone gets lost or stolen, no one will be able to load more than that amount to your phone and this gives you time to do s SIM swap or make a report at your bank.

I have to say that this is a good service by GTBank and this dial to top-up service is even easier than buying airtime credit from ATMs or with mobile apps not to talk about the old method of scratching recharge cards.

- The service is only available on MTN, Etisalat, Glo and Airtel subscribers

- There is a maximum daily limit of N5000

- You need to have a balance of N5000 in your GTBank account apart from the required minimum balance

- The requesting phone number must be already registered with GTBank.

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