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Posted by on Thursday March 3, 2016 at 9:59:54:

I've been buying a lot of things online from Nigeria and one of my best shopping is Amazon.com. This is because of all the shopping websites I've bought things from, it is Amazon.com that I know that has the widest and best variety of stuff I've ever seen. You can buy books, clothes, baby items, DVDs, laptops, electronic gadgets, TVs, drones, printers, sun glasses, shoes, storage devices, car parts, power banks, solar panels, computer accessories, tablets, 3G modems and even digital items on Amazon and I've had a good experience at buying from them as an international shopper.

One main reason why I'm able to buy things from Amazon.com and receive it in Nigeria is because I have a reliable US partner that helps me forward my gods to Nigeria after I've purchased it from Amazon. I'm able to buy things that Amazon can ship to Nigeria directly as well as things that Amazon only ships to US addresses because I have a US and Nigerian shipping address.

One good thing is that Amazon now accepts cards from Nigeria such as Visa and MasterCard irrespective of whether they are in Naira or US dollars. You can use your bank issued card to make payments on Amazon.

You can buy anything you want from Amazon, pay for it with your Naira and have it delivered to you in Nigeria in as little as 10 working days after placing your order.

How to do it? Just get a US shipping partner and you'd be able to buy things from many US websites even if you are resident in Nigeria.

How it really works
- You get signed up with my US partner

- You will be given a US address and warehouse to use

- Your place your order on Amazon and ship to your US address

- You get notified by email that you have received a package at your US address

- You ask them to send it to you in Nigeria while also paying for the international shipping costs

- You package gets forwarded to you in Nigeria and will be delivered by UPS, DHL or FedEx depending on your choice

- You get to receive your item within 5 working days after you've requested for it and you can track it online until it arrives your doorstep.

It is that easy. Get a US shipping partner today and buy anything you want on Amazon.com.

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