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Posted by on Monday March 7, 2016 at 12:24:11:

How does one change his DSTV bouquet? How do you downgrade your DSTV subscription from one package to another?

Well, for many months, my family had been on a DSTV Premium subscription package and were were using it with a DSTV Explora which offered quite a lot of features and it had an extra view decoder attached to it which made our monthly subscription costs total a sum of N16,140.

The thing is that for me, I mostly watch local and international TV channels, action movies and my sisters mostly watch E! and Zee World. We rarely watch a lot of other channels or even make use of box office or catch up and so it seemed wise to just save money by downgrading to a less costly bouquet.

Anyway, I had been looking for a way to downgrade our subscription so that we would save money watching DSTV because we don't really watch all the channels or use most of the features that it came with. So, I had been searching for a way to downgrade the subscription and I tried checking on the DSTV website and self help easy portal to see if I could do it without having to visit their office and didn't really find anything useful. I think they should include the option so that subscribes can easily migrate from one bouquet to another.

How did I then downgrade my DSTV subscription? Well, I simply waited it out until I was cut off and paid only the fee for the bouquet I wanted to migrate to. Yes, I allowed my DSTV Premium subscription to expire and then paid only the money required for my new bouquet. I had to later contact them on Twitter and Facebook to activate my account for DSTV compact plus.

Steps on how to downgrade or migrate your DSTV bouquet:

- Wait for the existing subscription to expire.
- Pay the exact fee for the new bouquet/plan.
- Contact DSTV to activate your account for the new bouquet.

You can contact them through Facebook, Twitter, phone call or by visiting their office. For me I used Twitter and Facebook.

There are no fees for downgrading or migrate from one bouquet to another as it's currently free and you don't have to pay any charge for downgrading your bouquet/package.

Re: How I downgraded my DSTV bouquet from Premium to Compact Plus Reply by Kutloano on Friday May 26, 2017 at 5:35:22:

I downgraded from primium to compact yesterday but around 4am this morning my dstv was shut down. What do i have to do please help

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