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Posted by on Tuesday March 29, 2016 at 10:21:41:

I just went to church this morning and one of the things I got informed about was that the coming Sunday was mother's day. I lost my mom on May 17 2015 which is less than a year ago and getting informed about an upcoming mother's day is not one of the things that would brighten my day as it only reminds me of a painful past.

How do people without a mom celebrate mother's day? Should they even celebrate mother's day? When my mom was alive, mother's day celebration was one of the days I looked forward to in order to show her that I love her and it was also one of the days she marked with joy by going to church and also giving us a feast afterwards. Then, I probably didn't know the magnitude of what it meant to have a living mom celebrate mother's day with you until you lose her to death. If people didn't have to die in this world, it would indeed be a beautiful world but as it is, it's an imperfect world.

In the past, when things like mother's day was coming up, it was a day I looked forward to with joy and gtratitude for having a mother but now that she's dead and a spirit, it is more of a painful day to mark or consider worth celebrating.

If I were to celebrate mother's day, I would probably use it to remember about my mother but that would be a bit painful too when I remember the joys she shared and the things she did. When I remember how she danced during weddings and parties or how she enjoyed cooking and shopping, it makes me miss her more.

If I were to celebrate mother's day now that my mother has passed away, I would probably have to say a prayer for her soul and book a Catholic mass for her. I would use that day as an opportunity to remind myself that we are all going to die too and the best way to live this life is to simply do the right thing while trusting that good people will be rewarded for their work in the afterlife. I would use it as an opportunity to reassure myself that this life is only temporary and that the next one is more permanent.

When I remember mother's day and the life that my mom lived, I would try to do better things than she did in order to be an improved version of her since she was my mom.

Mother's day is a good day to have a special treat for your mom but it is normally hard for those who have lost their mothers to consider it worth celebrating. However, it's advisable to use it as a day to remember your mother and the influence she made on your life so as to make a good impact on the life of others around you before you too pass away.

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