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Posted by on Thursday April 14, 2016 at 15:35:57:

For people who normally subscribe to budget friendly Pay TV bouquets offered by DSTV, one of the thing they've come to accept is that they can't view all the channels even though they are there because those channels are normally scrambled. What if they could have those Premium channels unscrambled so that they can view more channels without paying any more money. Well, DSTV Nigeria is now making it possible thanks to their Open Week promo.

It doesn't matter if you are not a DSTV premium subscriber and some channels on your DSTV are scrambled because DSTV Nigeria is currently offering a free week of viewing to all subscribers so that they can view all channels without paying any extra free for it. It's like getting or unscrambling all channels on your DSTV for free without upgrading your subscription.

DSTV Nigeria is currently running a promo titled Open Week and it's a week available to existing subscribers who were not on Premium to be able to view DSTV as if they were on the Premium bouquet. It is for a limited period of about 1 week as it will run from April 14th to April 21st 2016.

For subscribers on the DSTV Access, Family, Compact or Compact plus bouquets, this comes as good news as they pay quite less than what Premium subscribers pay but will still be able to watch the same channels that Premium subscribers are already watching.

DSTV subscribers in Nigeria who have active subscriptions will be able to watch up to 40 DSTV Premium channels even if they were not Premium subscribers and without having to pay any additional money for up to 1 week.

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