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Posted by on Friday April 22, 2016 at 11:34:36:

I wish there was an online shopping website for Nigerians that was dedicated to just plumbing materials. I know that there are already a lot lot online shopping websites but most of them sell things like clothes, shoes, books and food but I've not seen any that actually sell other useful stuff that people need for their homes at offices.

Ideally, the cost of getting a plumber for service requires paying the plumber for the service he provided and nothing more but in Nigeria, the case is different as the client has to pay both the service fee(workmanship) as well as the cost of purchasing the plumbing materials needed and their prices are mostly at the discretion of the plumber who was contracted to provide a service.

A plumbing material shopping website for Nigerians would have things that are mostly required by plumbers to be purchased so that they can work for you and if a client can have access to those things online, he would at least know that their price ranges are and so would be able to save money rather than get cheated by plumbers in Nigeria who have mostly made it their job to also purchase those materials apart from the plumbing service that they do.

The job of a skilled Nigerian plumber has to do with fixing the plumbing system in a building such as leaking pipes, broken taps, failed water pumping system and so on and those services at times require their clients to buy replacement parts but one way clients tend to lose money is in purchasing those parts. If the Nigerian client at least has an opportunity to know the prices of plumbing materials before or after hiring a plumber, he would at least have more control on his spending for a plumbing service but in most cases, Nigerians don't now how much those materials really cost in the market.

An ideal plumbing material website in Nigeria should be able to have a lot of plumbing tools listed with their prices and they should at least include those items that are commonly required as replacement parts such as pumping machines, bathtubs, taps, water filters, valves, fittings, pipes, elbow fittings, shower heads, kitchen sinks and so on. It should have a listing of all those items that are normally required for purchase when a plumber is called to work so that the only thing they have to do is providing service and not having to buy anything from the market.

There are many plumbing material markets in Nigeria in cities like Lagos, Onitsha and Abuja. In Lagos, I know of the ones at Coker and Orile. I would wish that most of them list their products online and their prices so that people can have a clearer view of what they really cost in the market.

Should you give a plumber money to buy plumbing materials on your behalf? Well, you are allowed to do so as most Nigerians do that since it takes the burden off your shoulders but it's always good to at least have an idea of what the market prices are so that you don't lose money by just accepting the inflated prices given by your plumber for the materials.

I remember an experience I once had with a plumber when he was required to replace a tap at my workplace and he went and purchased a water tap he said was priced at about N1000(about $4) per unit. I later had an opportunity to checked for the item on Aliexpress and noticed that it just costs $2. If I had purchased it directly from Aliexpress, I would have saved some money but it may take more time to receive it in Nigeria.

If there was a dedicated plumbing materials website that offers a lot of listed items, many Nigerians who normally require the service of plumbers would be able to save money when contracting them since they would have a better view of what the local prices are and just pay the plumber a token fee for his service a.k.a. workmanship.

Re: If Nigerians could buy Plumbing materials online Reply by sho on Monday May 22, 2017 at 12:32:51:

There is, you can check www.frakem.com;

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