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Posted by on Sunday May 15, 2016 at 24:12:10:

One of the basic things people need in their homes is a freezer as it helps to keep things like food items cold so that they can last longer than their shelf lives. I recently purchased a Haier thermocool freezer online and I'm happy with the purchase.

I didn't want to just buy a fridge but a freezer because a freezer cools to a much lower temperature than a fridge such that it keeps your food items solidly frozen so that they can last longer. I needed the freezer so that I can keep foodstuff frozen and also make some ice blocks.

Well, I first checked online for a variety of freezers but since I already had a good experience with a thermocool freezer, I decided to stick to their brand and then checked out for the freezers that I wanted. I wanted a freezer that occupied less space on the floor and so the Haier Thermocool Upright Freezer HSF-180S upright freezer was my choice.

There are basically 2 types of freezers I've seen based on their design and these are the upright freezer and the chest freezer. An upright freezer stands tall as it's height is more than it's base while a chest freezer has it's base longer than it's height. A chest freezer allows to to pack things all together while an upright freezer has a horizontal row and allows for better spacing of your items. AN upright freezer is more organized than a chest freezer.

I chose to buy the upright HSF Freezer and checked them out first at thermocool's shopping website coolworld.com.ng. They do have a wide variety of Haier Thermocool products listed there are really great prices.

I chose to buy the freezer and added it to my shopping cart. When I was ready to checkout, I chose checkout and entered my personal details such as name, shipping address and chose to pay with bank transfer. The Cool World website allows for payment with your bank card or bank transfer.

After I had placed my order for the freezer, I got an email from them telling me how to make payment to their bank account and got the bank details. I did an online transfer using internet banking and later got a call from them confirming the order. They also told me they would be delivering to me soon and there were no shipping costs to my location in Lagos state.

It took about 5 days before I got my order delivered to me and I was ok with that. I noticed that they also offer nationwide delivery which means that it's not just Lagos or Abuja that they deliver to but they also deliver to other states like Anambra, Ondo. Ogun, , Kaduna, Kano, Imo, Akwa Ibom, Edo and even Rivers state.

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