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Posted by on Wednesday December 9, 2015 at 10:21:40:

Nigeria is mostly a hot country for most of the year round since she's located in the tropics but towards the end of the year, it tends to get cooler and windier but not as cold as New York or London. You don't see any snow or ice falling in Nigeria except for maybe in Plateau where they could be hailstones falling.

Most parts of Nigeria experience the harmattan and during this period, it is normally colder and drier than the usual weather in Nigeria and it is important to protect yourself from the cold.

Some Nigerians love the harmattan season and can even decide to go shirtless or sleep naked because it's not an extreme form of cold but for some others, they do feel cold and need to wear clothes that can protect them from the harmattan cold and dryness.

The type of clothes you should wear during harmattan should be the one that can insulate your body from the cold. It should be one that attracts and keeps heat to your body rather than one that makes you lose heat. A clothing fabric like cotton is not recommended but ones made of wool are because the former is made of lose and airy fabric that is better suited during the heat.

So, wool based material are good and you can wear them on top or under your shirt. Wearing a double or triple layer clothing is also a way you can stay immune to the harmattan cold in Nigeria and people do that a lot such as those who are normally required to wear cotton based materials to work and can't put on a sweater. You could still wear your coats or uniform and then wear one or two layered clothes under them and it will help keep your body heated up.

There are many things you can do to stay warm during the harmattan such as wearing wool based clothes, a sweater, wearing double or triple layered clothes, having warm water baths, early morning exercise and so on. You should also use a good body cream that is moisturizing as well as being able to protect your skin from the harsh harmattan weather.

The harmattan season doesn't last for long in Nigeria and in some states, it may only last for 2 months so stay warm by dressing smarter.

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