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Posted by on Saturday June 11, 2016 at 13:18:11:

I'd like to share a recipe on roasting yam using a halogen oven and in this case, I'm using the Andrakk Halogen oven which I already own.

Roasted yam and palm oil is a delicacy that is popularly eaten in Nigeria and it can be prepared in homes or by roadside food vendors who mostly make use of charcoal powered grill. I've found out that you can also prepare it using a regular and portable oven like a halogen oven.

The only 2 basic things you'd need to roast your yam using a halogen oven are the temperature and the time. For me, I used 250 C for 20 minutes and the yam was done. As for the palm oil, I heated it for 5 minutes using 200 C.

- Cut the yams in small pieces and you can make them as tiny as chips.

- Soak the cut yam pieces in water for a while. The longer you soak, the more moist the inside will be after it's finished roasting.

- Open the door of your halogen oven and place only the lower rack on the bottom tray

- Place the yam pieces side by side in a regular order

- Close the lid

- Set the temperature to 250 C and also set the time to 20 minutes

- Allow to roast till the time is complete.

- Wait for about 1 or 2 minutes for the heat to subside before opening the lid

Your roasted yams are now ready to eat.

I have to say that I prefer the roasted yams to potato chips being sold at some restaurants in Nigeria. Those chips are way too salty. You can however decide to add salt and other ingredients(like pepper, oil and tomatoes) to your yams before roasting it but I prefer the natural taste.

You can also use the Halogen oven to fry yam and plantains using little oil and using the appropriate time frame.

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