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Posted by on Wednesday June 15, 2016 at 22:48:51:

When it comes to buying shoes, one of the cool places I like shopping for them is on Amazon.com and this is because they have a wide variety of shoe designs and sizes. They have a good number of shoes from several top designers in their stock and since I've already checked out some local stores in Nigeria but wasn't satisfied, I decided to buy them from Amazon.

My shoe of choice was a black Kenneth Cole Reaction Men's Best O the Bunch shoe which was priced at about $95 then. I already knew my shoe size so I chose to purchase it on Amazon. So, if you are going to buy things like clothes and shoes in Nigeria, you should know the right size that fits you so that you don't end up buying something that is greater than or less than your size. It's not like your regular boutique or clothing store in Nigeria where you can visit physically and test shoes before buying. When buying shoes on Amazon from Nigeria or on any online shopping store, know your size and buy your size.

Now, one thing I knew about Amazon.com then was that they didn't deliver shoes directly to Nigeria but they were willing to accept my Naira card. So, what I did was made use of my US package forwarding service and to receive the box of shoe at my US address.

I got a US shipping address via my package forwarding service by paying for it. I paid for a year membership plan which allowed me to receive packages at a US address and hold them for up to 30 days in a warehouse for free before choosing to have them delivered to me in Nigeria using DHL, Fedex or UPS.

I chose to checkout on Amazon andmade payment using my Naira card and within 2 days, Amazon shipped out my package to the US address I had provided. It got there within 8 working days and I was notified that I had a package in my US warehouse by my US based international shipping agent which provided me with the package forwarding service.

I later logged into my warehouse and checked the items that were received and then initiated an international shipping request for my items to be forwarded to Nigeria using DHL. I checked out the fees and accepted them to bill me and I got a debit alert later that I had been billed about $70 for it.

My US shipping agent forwarded my package to me through DHL and I got the tracking number which I also used to track it until it arrived Nigeria. it arrived within 5 working days and it was delivered straight to my home.

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