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Posted by on Tuesday August 2, 2016 at 12:34:14:

It's a bit pitiable to see Nigerians carrying their mobile phones and chargers up and down seeking for public places like the church or a business office that have electricity just to recharge their batteries because they can do this at home just by making use of a power bank. It's no longer fashionable to be carrying your charger around when you can charge your device at home or on the go thanks to power banks.

It seems that not many Nigerians really understand how power banks work or what they are. I remember someone telling me that he has stopped using power banks because they don't last long or that they only recharge his phone just once after I had recommended to him to buy one. Well, not all power banks are the same and if you want the type tha can recahrge your phone or small device many times over, then you should spend more on buying ones with bigger charging capacity.

As I said, not all power banks are the same as while some can recharge your battery just once, there are others that can recharge it more than 10 times before needing to be recharged themselves.

How many times can a power bank recharge a battery or portable device? It varies as it depends on the power bank's capacity and the device's battery capacity.

Let's assume you have a power bank that is rated 10,000 mah and you have a device whose battery is rated 1000 mah, then the power bank can recharge it for up to 10 times or a bit less after the power bank has been fully charged itself. That works under ideal circumstances where the power bank is new and has 100% efficiency. As power banks grow old, they may only be able to charge other batteries connected to it for a lesser number of times than it was originally designed.

Personally, I have a 10,000 mah power bank which I bought from Amazon and I have a mobile phone that has a 2000 mah battery attached to it. I've noticed that I can use my power bank to recharge my phone many times for up to 1 week and that's about 5 times before the power bank requires to be charged itself. So, even if NEPA takes light and I don't even power on a generator, I can still keep my phone online as long as my power bank has been fully charged at the beginning of the week.

There are different power banks in the Nigerian market and most of them are imported from and/or made China. There are some that have low quality and some that have high quality. You'd notice that their prices ranges from about N1500 to N20,000 depending on their capacities, brand and quality. The one I'm using cost me about N15,000 and it works pretty well.

So, if you want a power bank that can recharge your phone or tablet's battery many times over, then you have to pay more for it but if you want one that would is just for emergency sake such as being able to recharge your phone once, then you can save money by buying a cheap one that would cost about N1500 to N2000.

All power banks are not the same as while some can be used to recharge your device just one, there are others that cost more that can recharge your device for up to 20 times before needing to be recharged again.

One thing I like about power banks is that they can work even when there is no power supply from NEPA or your generator as they can be connected to small Solar panels and store the electricity generated from the sun.

Power banks are just batteries that can store electric power over a long period of time so that they can be used to topup other batteries connected to it when there is a need for it even when the user is not connected to publicly available power such as the PHCN.

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