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Posted by on Wednesday August 24, 2016 at 12:4:5:

One of the taxes Lagos state land owners have to pay to the government on a yearly basis is the Land Use charge tax. It's basically a type of tax that is meant for what the name says: Using Land in Lagos state. For you to own land either developed or undeveloped in Lagos state, you are liable to be paying tax on it once your property has been served a notice of assessment.

The Land use charge tax is about 0.00% of the assessed value of your property and government officials normally serve a notice of the amount a Landlord ought to pay during the first quarter of the year. You can wait to receive the notice by March and then proceed to make payment at your local bank offline or you can do the payment online without having to physically visit a banking hall.

Steps to pay for Land Use charge using the web:
1. Visit the official Lagos state Land use charge website

2. Click on the get started button

3. Enter the bank payment code. This is normally printed on the notice you've received in the past or present and would be indicated as bank payment code. If you don't have it, you can always retrieve it by providing your Property Identification Number(P.I.N.) or Notice Number.

4. Click on retrieve bill. You'd be shown a page containing information about how much you are to pay.

5. Enter other details such as your email and phone number. Enter them and proceed to the next page for payment. Note down the transaction reference.

6. Click on the "Make Payment" button.

7. Click on proceed to make payment button

8. Enter your card details and this includes card number, name on card, Security code and expiry date.

9. Click on the submit button to complete the transaction.

10. If online payment is successful, your bank account will be debited and you'd receive a feedback that it was successful. You'd also be shown a link to print your receipt

11. click on the Print State Receipt button. Keep the receipt for your records.

It's so easy to make payments online and you should take advantage of this if you know how to use it. Your payments tend to reflect much faster if you pay through the web than making a physical payment at the bank.

With online payment for your Land use charge, you can also get a discount while doing so by making early payments. The Lagos state government accepts a discounted amount of about 15% when payments are made before a specific date while they charge extra for those who make late payments. Not making payments for your Land use charge after the required deadline could make the state government initiate court proceedings to seize your property.

It's also good to make online payments if you did not receive your Land use charge notice in time as they may be a bit of delay at times. So, rather than always waiting for them to deliver it in time or late, paying online saves you all that stress and it's recommended for subsequent payments i.e. if it's not your first time.

So, when next you want to pay for your Lagos Land use charge, do it online by going to their official website. All you need is a bank issued card e.g. Verve, Visa or Mastercard.

Re: How to pay for Lagos Land Use charge online Reply by mr adeshina on Thursday March 9, 2017 at 11:20:34:

years that have been payed are still been recorded in the new bill....why????

Re: How to pay for Lagos Land Use charge online Reply by Elizabeth Ogedegbe on Wednesday March 15, 2017 at 13:7:37:

We have one to all the banks stated on our bill to pay for the land use charge but all the banks refused to take our check saying we should pay cash to the land use charge office! Is this the latest move?

Re: How to pay for Lagos Land Use charge online Reply by Felix Okoli on Wednesday March 15, 2017 at 13:7:37:

I don't think so. You can either try another bank or just make payments online using a card.

Re: How to pay for Lagos Land Use charge online Reply by odugbesan yemi on Tuesday March 28, 2017 at 21:12:43:

requires me to log in but i dont have an account with them and i cant see the button for sign up

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