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Posted by on Wednesday December 9, 2015 at 12:29:9:

I learnt that some Nigerians who use Power inverters to store electricity also go to the extent of using a mechanical power generator to charge their inverter batteries and to me, that seems a bit odd or perhaps, they may have a valid reason to do so.

It's probably a bit more sensible to recharge your inverter battery bank using regular electricity from the power company but when you charge them using the power your generator has generated, it seems a bit unreasonable because you could have just used the generator directly so as to avoid power loss since a generator can provide you with electricity instantly where and when you want it.

Why do I say it's unreasonable? Well, first of all, since the mechanical generator can provide you with electricity anytime you want it unlike the Power holding company, you can just use it directly without having to first convert it to DC form for storage in a battery because power is normally lost by the time you start transferring it from your generator to the deep cycle batteries.

The Truth is that even when electrical power is transferred from your main electricity source to your inverter, power is lost and you'll not be able to get back the same power you received from the grid through your inverter's power output. You may be able to receive up to 200 watts of electricity from your generator but by the time you transfer and store it to your batteries, it could have reduced to 195 Watts and by the time you now convert it again to AC to your output source, it may have further reduced to about 193 Watts and that's because power is normally lost by the time it passed through several mediums and this includes losses by heat which Inverter systems normally generate as well as their storage and output inefficiencies.

If you are using a Power generator to first generate electricity and then proceed to storing it in your inverter, it may not be ideal unless there may be other valid reasons for you to do so other than saving electricity for later use.

It's better to connect your inverter to regular electricity and even best to connect it to solar panels but connecting it to a mechanical power generator is not really a smart thing to do.

Perhaps, you just want to avoid the noise and fumes generators produce while they are generating power and want to use a more silent and less polluting power source at a future time other than generators. I think that's one of the main reasons why some Nigerians would go ahead to recharge their inverter batteries using a generator. If there are other good reasons why they do so, I would really like to know.

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