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Posted by on Friday July 7, 2017 at 14:19:32:

In the past, Amazon.com didn't really sell many things directly to buyers resident in Nigeria because they didn't offer shipping to Nigeria. Then, they only sold things like books and VCDs as far as I can remember and those were things they could easily mail through the postal system. Nowadays, however, things have changed as they now offer direct deliveries to Nigerians from the USA.

Nigerians are now used to shopping online thanks to the entry of shopping giants like Jumia and Konga but there is a bigger window and that is Amazon. Sure, local shopping websites have a lot of cool stuff you can buy and they do offer that advantage of being able to deliver to buyers within 24 hrs but they don't quite have as much stuff as Amazon.com does and that's why Nigerians like me still buy things on Amazon and are more likely to continue doing so for the long term.

In the past, I used to be able to buy the things I want from Amazon using a US mail forwarding service but now that Amazon is offering me the ability to buy a lot of nice things from them directly, It has made them a more attractive destination for many shoppers like me from Nigeria thanks to their AmazonGlobal program.

The AmazonGlobal program is an international shipping service offered by Amazon.com. It is available to specific countries outside the USA and this lets buyers from around the world including Nigeria to be able to buy things directly from Amazon and you can check them out here.

With the AMazonGlobal program, you no longer need to have a USA based cousin or agent to help you purchase or receive items from Amazon as they will deliver directly to your address in Nigeria using their shipping service. Based on my experience, they normally deliver with UPS and they accepted my Naira card.

To benefit from the AmazonGlobal program as a Nigerian resident, you just need to have a membership account, a Visa or MasterCard(Naira or US Dollars) and a delivery address in Nigeria.

The steps to buying things on Amazon.com from Nigeria is quite easy as you just need to first log into your account, add items you want to your cart, enter your delivery address and make payment with your card.

After your order has been placed on Amazon and accepted, the next step is for Amazon to forward it to your address in Nigeria. It takes lesser time for you to receive the item if Amazon is the direct seller else it may take more time. After items have been sent out of the USA, it takes about 4 to 7 working days for you to receive it in Nigeria and you can track it online from your account until it reaches your doorstep.

How does shopping on Amazon using the AmazonGlobal program benefit Nigerians? Well, they'll be able to buy some of those things that are being sold in Nigeria at a cheaper price and that amounts to some savings on their shopping expense. Imagine being able to buy a LED TV for N50,000 when it's being sold in Nigeria for N60,000 or N70,000. What about buying a mobile phone for N15000 when it's being sold locally for N20,000. So, one benefit is that it allows Nigerians to save money on buying things they need or want.

A second benefit of shopping directly on Amazon from Nigeria is that it allows Nigerians have access to goods and services that are rarely available locally. There are certain things that are available on Amazon that are of high quality but may not be available or readily available locally. I remember looking for a car pressure pump for a long time at Ladipo Mushin but didn't find it until I found and purchased it on Amazon. So, if you have the money, you can buy the things you need on Amazon even if they are scarcely available in Nigeria.

A third benefit if that it allows Nigerians to have access to brand new products from US sellers. A lot of stuff being sold in Nigeria are mostly used goods as buyers seem to prefer buying things that are used rather than new just to save money. It has made it harder for other Nigerians who would prefer buying new and good quality stuff like new car parts and clothes tend to find it hard getting this things in Nigeria but with AmazonGlobal program, they can buy it directly from Amazon and be sure that it's really new.

A 4th benefit of shopping directly on Amazon from Nigeria using their AmazonGlobal program is that it provides an alternative shopping destination for shoppers in Nigeria so that they don't have to be limited by just things that are available locally.

To shop on Amazon directly from Nigeria is easy and they can deliver directly to your doorstep. For now, there are still a lot of things that Amazon doesn't yet deliver to Nigerians yet but there are also a lot which they do deliver and you can find a list of those items here.

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