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Posted by on Saturday December 12, 2015 at 9:32:10:

I have a small Black & Decker FHV1200 Flex vacuum cleaner which I got for about $60 from the USA and I used it for a while after which I noticed that it was no longer working. It works with batteries and so operates cordlessly but you need to plug it in when recharging the battery. What I noticed was that even when I plugged it into the socket, the charging lights were no longer working and I didn't really know what the problem was.

I later had to read the manual and power specification it came with and noticed that i requires a 120 V power supply but I was plugging it into a wall socket in Nigeria that normally supplies 240 V and that must have killed the system. I was a bit worried that the device was already destroyed but hoped in my mind that the only thing destroyed was the power adapter it came with.

I had to later buy a step down transformer from an electronics shop since I recalled the even my PlayStation also uses a step down transformer. Like most US electronics, they normally come with a lower voltage requirement than what obtains in Nigeria and so you'd need a step down transformer for them to work well.

After I purchased the step down transformer and it still didn't work, I also had to purchase a replacement adapter for the vacuum cleaner and tested it and the pwoer chargign lights came on. I thanked God that the device didn't get destroyed by the high voltage I plugged it into and it was just the adapter which I bought for about $17.

A lot electronic products being sold in the USA come with high quality and unless specified, they are more likely to come with a power requirement of 110 to 120 V rather than 240 V as required by Nigerian sockets. It's better to just buy the ones that come with 240 V if they are available but if you are buying one with a lower voltage requirement, then you should also buy a step down transformer for it so that it doesn't get blown by the higher voltage.

So, US electronics can work in Nigeria but they seem to mostly require a lower voltage than what obtains in Nigeria. You may need to get a step down transformer to match the needs of the device so that it lasts long for you. Plugging them directly into a higher voltage output may destroy your device and would become a waste of your money.

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