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Posted by on Friday December 18, 2015 at 9:54:29:

StarTimes Nigeria is doing a Christmas or end of year promo that involves discount offers to existing and prospective customers. All a person needs to do to enjoy this promo from StarTimes is to either renew or buy a new product or service from Startimes.

StarTimes understands the meaning of the season and knows it's about giving and so they are giving a variety of gifts to their loyal and prospective customers.

What customers can get:
1. Free Decoders: One gift StarTimes Nigeria is offering for the 2015 Christmas is a Free Decoder and all a person needs to do is pay for a subscription of at least N3,390. Yes, just recharge your subscription with at least N3390 and you'd get a free decoder on any of the 3 bouquets - Basic, Classic and Unique. If you do pay up to N4800, then you'd get a Free StarTimes Dish TV decoder. The free decoder offer would run from November 25th 2015 till stocks last.

2. Discount on Subscriptions: The second gift which StarTimes Nigeria is offering to existing subscribers is a discount on their subscription if they pay 2 months in advance and this offer is available for subscribers on Basic, Classic bouquet and Unique bouquets.

The gift to Basic bouquet subscribers is a 1 month extra subscription if they just subscribe for 1 month in December at a cost of N1200.

The gift to Classic bouquet subscribers is also a 1 month extra subscription if they pay a subscription of N2400 for 1 month.

For Unique bouquet subscribers which normally costs N4800 per month, they would get an extra 1 week of free viewing if they subscribe for 1 month in advance during December.

When will the promo end? I think the promo will end by January 2016 and so you should make hay while the sun shines.

I heard you can also get 2 months free subscription if your subscribe for 2 months in advance but I'm not sure about that yet.

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