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Posted by on Friday September 16, 2016 at 14:53:22:

There are a growing number of restaurants in Nigeria that are listing their services online and I've patronized some of them through Hellofood and Easyappetite but there are a couple of problems I've noticed with buying food from them. Should Nigerians really buy food online? While there are some benefits one can gain from buying food online, there are also problems or demerits with it and I'd like to list a few of the problems that I've noticed with them.

1. Little or No photos are shown: Many food vending websites in Nigeria who want people to buy their food online tend to make the mistake of not at least showing a picture of the various meals that they are selling. Some show photos but it is either not clear enough or not sufficient to allow the potential buyer really see the food for what it really is. Sellers need to display a decent photograph so that the potential Nigerian buyer may at least get a clear view of what he/she is buying before actually placing an order. A picture can replace a thousand words and it helps the buyer know that he is buying before actually buying it since it's sold on the web. Seeing a picture replaces the need to see it physically before buying it but I'm wondering why many food vending websites in Nigeria don't normally display a picture or photo of the food they are selling to buyers.

2. No quantity is specified: Most of the websites that sell food in Nigeria also tend not to list the quantities of the various food items they are selling. People who order for food online are engaging in a contract and it's normally ideal that they know the quantity of the food item they will get if they place an order. They need to know the weight or size of the food or meal they are ordering and it can be estimated in kg or units. When you want someone to buy bananas, he needs to know the weight or how many sticks. If you want him

3. Lack of timely delivery: People who order for food online in Nigeria need to be supplied on time and they don't mind waiting for a specified time range. Most of the local online food sellers tend to claim they can delivery in less than 1 hr but in many cases which I've experienced, they hardly deliver on time. If someone was hungry to eat food and has ordered them online from a Nigerian restaurant, chances are that he may have to find other ways to satisfy his hunger because timely delivery is not guaranteed.

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