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Posted by on Friday October 14, 2016 at 10:38:34:

One of the costs associated with living in Lagos or any city in Nigeria is the cost of waste disposal. One needs to pay to dispose his waste.

I could recall how our waste got disposed of in the past for free by the military government but these days, one has to pay for it and there's even a law that forbids you from burning your own waste.

In the past, many Lagosians patronized private waste truck pushers otherwise known as Kole Koles but the only people now authorized to dispose wastes are those working in partnership with the Lagos Waste Management Authority popularly known as LAWMA. The Private Sector Participators(P.S.P.) work in partnership with LAWMA in helping to keep Lagos clean and different states of Nigeria have their own version of waste disposal businesses. They don't do it for free but for a small fee which is quite cheaper than what many Lagosians used to pay to those Kole Koles in the past.

How much do people pay on a monthly basis as waste bill? Well, I think it depends on their location and the nature of their wastes. It may also depend on whether they are a business or not. In the part of Lagos where I stay which is mostly a residential area, we are charged about N500 per month for a flat but the rates have been increased to N750 per month since September 2016.

When it comes to making payment for waste bill, many people tend to go to banks to deposit money to account specially setup for it and I've also experienced that method. However, I'm getting fed up with physically going to the banks to make payment because of the amount of time I spend doing so. The last time I went, I spent almost an hour just for them to process the payment and so I had been thinking of a new way to make payment.

I've noticed that payment for Waste bill can also be made online at Quickteller.com, internet banking as well as ATMs and this would be more convenient than going to banks to waste precious time.

How I did it:
- I visited Quickteller.com and logged into my account

- I searched for Lagos Waste Management Billing System.

- I Entered the Property ID which is a set of numbers printed on your waste bill

- Entered the amount I was billed to pay

- Clicked on continue

- Clicked on Pay

- Enter my card details .g. card number, expiry date, CVV code and PIN. Click the submit button

- Transaction was successful and Quickteller notifies me while also giving me a receipt which I downloaded as a pdf for for later printing in case I needed it in the future.

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