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Posted by on Tuesday April 4, 2017 at 21:2:54:

When it comes to repairing shoes or leather sandals in Nigeria, one thing that local shoe makers or menders make use of it a shoe gum and from my experience, their gum is not really of high quality as the binding strength is weaker than what was used to bind your shoes in the first place. I have tried at times to visit local markets to see where I can buy an original shoe gum or glue that had a really stronger binding power and I've found none. Lately, however, there is this new glue I'm now addicted to and I got it from Amazon. It's called Shoe Goo and it helps me glue my leather shoes or footwear together when there is a need for binding them.

The main reason why I got Shoe Goo from Amazon was because I had been using a pair of Keds sneaker which normally had a problem of the sole getting torn away from the base as it got older and since I loved those sneakers and knew it wouldn't look good if I just had them sown with a thread, I had to find a way to glue them together. However, after trying out different shoe gum products, Shoe Goo did the best work for me. I've also used Shoe Goo to bind my leather sandals and it held tight without the need to call a local shoe maker to thread it.

Shoe Goo is an adhesive product that has the ability to bind two or more parts or a shoe or footwear together and it binds them really tight making it unnecessary to have them repaired by a shoe mender.

I read that it can also be used to repair worn out soles, water proof items and seal your rubber or work boots apart from just being used as an adhesive to bind parts together. It can also be used to prevent premature wearing out of your footwear by coating those areas likely to get worn out early.

if you are looking for a way to repair your worn out or torn shoe or sandal yourself using a reliable shoe gum, then I'd recommend you use Shoe Goo for it. Its a glue that is much stronger than what many local shoe makers in Nigeria make use of.

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