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Posted by on Friday December 25, 2015 at 21:27:17:

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Do you normally buy airtime credit online in Nigeria? Do you at least spend good money buying GSM recharge cards or credit? Well, you can now get a discount while doing so thanks to Konga's new payment system called Konga Pay.

On Christmas day, I wanted to buy GSM credit online as I usually do but this time, I chose to checkout for it on Konga and found out that they also sell it. Since I already know about the 5% discount Konga Pay was offering to people who use it, I decided to also make my payment for the airtime credit using Konga Pay and I saved N50 for that.

I decided to buy aritime credit worth at least N1000 just to checkout the system and how it works. It worked and I received airtime topup credit in less than 60 seconds after I finished the transaction on Konga.

I do buy GSM airtime credit from time to time either for myself or for others but I've never really received a discount or bonus for doing so even when I buy airtime credit worth up to N10,000. Personally, I don't believe in all those GSM lotteries and promos but I prefer getting a loyalty discount when I stay loyal to a service and I have to say that it's only on Konga's platform that I have got that benefit till date.

Buying airtime credit on Konga and paying with Konga Pay is the way you can get it at a discount and you can buy up to N5000 airtime per day and that means you only need to pay N4750 while you would be saving N250 on it. It may seem small but it's a noble incentive that encourages one to keep patronizing a business.

I tried it out on Christmas day after I had already signed up for Konga Pay and only paid N950 to get an airtime credit worth N1000. It's a good reward to customers and I hope that Konga keeps doing it.

How it works is that you need to be first signed up for Konga Pay and then search for airtime on Konga. Click on the one that shows airtime topup and you'd be able to buy from any of the major networks(MTN, Airtel, Etisalat and Glo). You'd have to enter your GSM number and amount before proceeding to make payment with Konga Pay.

An SMS containing an OTP will be sent to you and you'd have to enter it in the provided form along with your PIN before clicking the submit button to complete the transaction. It takes just less than 2 minutes and you'd have airtime credit loaded on your phone almost automatically.

Konga Pay works seamlessly with your bank's internet banking platform such that the OTP sent to you will be directly from your bank and so it's a secure means of transaction that doesn't require your debit/credit cards details and you can buy anytime you want on Konga while paying for it directly from your bank with your phone as a form of security.

With this new service of buying GSM airtime online in Nigeria and at a discount, I don't think I'm going back to the old method I had been using because Konga Pay has given me a reason to stay loyal to their platform.

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